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On this page will be discussed a little about the Description, Goal and a bit about the author bioada.

Description Jangcarcare

Jangcarcare created on Monday, July 02, 2018. Jangcarcare is a site that discusses car care info and tips, about problems with cars, and how to care for parts of the car to last and work well.

Biodata Writer

Admin: JANG

email: netsigma@rocketmail.com

Jangcarcare's goal

Starting from the writer's desire to share useful information, Jangcarcare finally made it in order to provide the necessary information about car maintenance, as an informative reference material, so that the problems encountered by Internet users can be solved through information in Jangcarcare.

Hopefully with Jangcarcare's creation, it can be accepted and useful for the readers, and as a charity field especially for writers.